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Businesses can use interactive data visualization as a storytelling medium. We offer custom data visualization services as an enterprise data visualization company.

One of the most engaging ways of communicating extensive amounts of information is through data visualization services and advanced data visualization tools. Using interactive data visualization, a picture is worth a thousand words. As an effective tool for communication, data visualization services help stakeholders view and absorb data effectively. In addition, by working with a data visualization company, businesses receive aid in recognizing patterns, trends and points of interest that go overlooked.

Custom data visualizations and advanced data visualization tools help clients engage with their stories by presenting complex data through informative graphs, maps or other visuals. These visualization solutions can be static, interactive or immersive. As a custom data visualization company and software solutions provider, we offer our clients many unique ways to make their data visual. Our interactive data visualization services include web-based visualizations as well as applications in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Interactive data visualization services have a variety of applications and use cases for a number of industries, sectors and enterprises - if you have data, you can visualize it. We, as a data visualization company, have helped establish custom services for healthcare, oil and gas, post-secondary education, government, aerospace, energy, and more.

Industry Trends in Data Visualization Services

What makes for a good data visualization company? Want to know more about the latest trends in data visualization services?

Data Visualization Services Example: PhileSpace

Founder of Energyphile and best-selling author, Peter Tertzakian, wanted to capture the full breadth of the energy timeline through his unique collection of energy artifacts. While creating Energyphile, Peter recognized the need to display his collection digitally, but traditional methods of display lack the engagement he sought. Together with VizworX and the Energyphile teams, Peter’s goal came to fruition. Introducing PhileSpace - a robust and interactive online museum. This data visualization leverages digital technology to create a hands-on, immersive experience by mimicking the tactile interaction of sorting through files, photographs and paper.

Since launching PhileSpace, several other businesses have begun incorporating the powerful museum-like data visualization into their websites and displays. PhileSpace has now grown to be its own product-focused company: Collection Science.

Why Use Custom Data Visualization Services?

Spark Discussion

Rich, immersive, data-driven experiences help spark discussion, elicit calls to action and help stakeholders make sense of the work they do. Interactive data visualizations and advanced data visualization tools act as conversation starters, improving the viewers’ overall engagement and experience while condensing, reframing and summarizing data.

Strategic Decision Making

Custom data visualization services improve strategic planning, communication and decision-making by assisting users in recognizing patterns, trends and points of interest. As an interactive data visualization company, our clients have reported increased productivity and improved results through analyzing their data in a visual, interactive format. Our data visualization services make data more accessible to diverse audiences.

Reduce Cognitive Load

At VizworX, we produce interactive data visualization services while transforming complex data sets into custom experiences. We can create custom visualizations in a variety of formats (through web applications, immersive technologies and more). Through these personalized visualization solutions, we allow users to intuitively interact with data in a way that reduces cognitive load. Data visualization services help make data easier to understand for a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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