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At VizworX, we craft robust custom AI software using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Trust in our knowledge as a services provider and AI software company.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning refers to the ability of computers to mimic human thought. It is a blanket term that covers a wide range of algorithms, systems and processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) reduces cognitive load, decreasing the amount of time and energy required to complete a task. Human-like machines and software can be incorporated into various industries to help improve overall productivity and decision-making. As a custom solutions development company and AI software company with a focus on the latest artificial intelligence, we are proud to help provide our clients with custom AI software. Artificial intelligence can be used as part of a robust mobile app, website or data visualization to help improve the overall user experience. There are many types of artificial intelligence software that can be used in a variety of situations.

Different types of artificial intelligence software and machine learning

  • Machine learning is the process of imitating the way the brain makes decisions.

  • Computer vision pairs visual cues with analytics to accomplish tasks such as facial recognition, movement tracking and medical diagnostics.

  • AI planning is about using analytics for optimization. It helps provide explanations and rapid results.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Example: EVA: CENOVUS ENERGY ENTERPRISE VOICE ASSISTANT

Cenovus Energy, an integrated oil and natural gas company, reached out to VizworX seeking an efficiency tool similar to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The voice assistant would sit on employees’ desks and help with operations and efficiency.

To address this request, we developed a [custom AI software](/what-we-do/artificial intelligence) that enables internal corporate data access using open-source software. The system, dubbed ‘EVA’ for Enterprise Voice Assistant, operates directly within Cenovus’s internal firewall, allowing for maximum security.

Why use artificial intelligence?

Site security

Modern websites require modern security. Improve and update your cybersecurity practices with automated artificial intelligence and machine learning functions. There are many [types of artificial intelligence](/what-we-do/artificial intelligence) software that can be used to improve your security practices.

Data management

Artificial intelligence can add value to your data and assist with data management. As an AI company, we can automate your software and data processes to help save time, money and stress by using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Facial recognition

Artificial intelligence can be used to increase security or gather information through le facial recognition technology. For an example of how facial recognition can be integrated into your company, check out our Cenovus Facial Recognition Software Case Study.


Utilize analytics to optimize your business with predictive suggestions, risk management and workflow improvement. Curious how we can optimize your data using artificial intelligence as an AI company? Check out our work with Trax Electronics to see an example of how we have improved on existing data using AI practices.

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