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We create powerful web and mobile applications as a custom application development company. Let us drive engagement to your business as a custom web development company.

At VizworX, we provide our clients with professional web development services, custom application development software and consulting. Our team collaborates with stakeholders to make rapid, iterative changes based on ongoing feedback. By using the Agile development methodology, we help put the client in control of the overall process. Seeking out a Calgary-based web application development company can help your business get ahead.

Why Do Business Need Web and Mobile Application Support? ?

Our teams strive to develop the very best in cutting-edge mobile apps and websites. As a custom software development company, we address a wide range of business needs and challenges.

For example, by using our custom application development services, our Calgary-based web application development company can help create collaborative geospatial data visualization tools that utilize interactive displays and mobile connectivity to provide group collaboration. We can also create apps that allow for flexible roles, permissions and workflows that are more advanced, functional and cost-effective than competing products. See an example of our past work with Jobbsite for custom business management software we developed previously.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites or online applications. Through collaboration with the client, web developers help create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users. At VizworX, we offer web development as part of our custom application development software services.

What is an app?

App, short for application, is typically used to refer to a mobile downloaded piece of software, though apps also exist for other purposes and platforms.

Accessibility in Web Design

As a web development company and a Calgary-based web application development company, we believe in creating accessible, collaborative, design-focused user experiences. Learn more about how you can foster and create accessible and user-friendly experiences through custom software application development by checking out our blog.

App Development Example: ALETHEA MEDICAL

One of the most significant hurdles in specialized healthcare access comes from long wait times in certain fields. VizworX worked with Alethea Medical to help reduce these wait times. We helped create an Android mobile solution for ear imaging by iterating on their existing diagnostic platform. Doctors and specialists can offer a provisional diagnosis by using a robust computer vision algorithm.


Morphometrix Imaging Technologies (MIT) sought a way to have their clients better understand equine ultrasound. Working with our team, we leveraged our knowledge as a web development company and existing software to create a marketable product for veterinarians. Technicians can collect ultrasound information and then transform their findings into a 3D object. The resulting website also incorporates Stripe payment. Users can also seamlessly save or slice a 3D object for further analysis and review.

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