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We offer custom software development services

VizworX specializes in transforming large, complex data sets into comprehensive solutions as an enterprise software development company. We integrate immersive technology, custom data visualizations, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative and flexible custom enterprise applications.

We are passionate about what we do as a custom software development company in Calgary. Our teams of dedicated experts work collaboratively with our customers to create powerful digital enterprise software and engaging experiences. Our work as an enterprise software development company allows our customers to take appropriate action by providing meaningful insights into their data. We support our client’s strategic initiatives through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for web, mobile and emerging technologies. Our custom software development services can help improve operational efficiencies, enhance safety, increase communication within teams, generate marketing for products/services and simplify data analysis for better decision making.

“Through the application of intuitive, interactive visualization technologies, we enable our clients to understand their data better, derive richer insights and make better decisions.” — Jeff LaFrenz, President and CEO

Discover the power of design thinking workshops

Our design thinking workshops bring together individuals from different departments and specialties to help solve complex issues. They help us get to know our clients and their customers better. The design thinking workshop strategy encourages teams and companies to make purposeful, user-focused decisions by thinking like designers and creatives. As a custom software development company based in Calgary, we strive to provide the support needed to host, facilitate and innovate through the design process.

Are you curious about the design thinking strategy and how it can be used to create custom enterprise software? Learn more by checking out our design thinking workshop page.

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We start with an initial group meeting with the customer to kick things off. This allows the client to share their concerns and the problem, give us an idea of the company’s objectives and understand what custom enterprise software development is needed. Once we know where you want to go, we can help you get there.

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