Immersive Technology - Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications

Engage with the world in new and exciting ways.

Immersive technology includes augmented, virtual and mixed reality. All three technologies allow users to engage with the world in groundbreaking new ways. By crafting unique experiences, we empower individuals, companies and communities to better achieve their business goals.

Why Use Immersive Technology?



Immersive technology is exceptionally good at training muscle memory as it allows you to create an exact replica of a space to practice specific natural motions. From complex surgeries to manufacturing, it holds the potential to boost the depth and effectiveness of training in many different industries.



VR allows users to transport themselves to different places they can’t actually be. This opens up opportunities in education, for example: in order to see architectural styles of demolished historical sites, 3D models of the buildings could be generated and students can tour the site to view them as if they were actually there. #NEWPALMYRA is an example of this exact case, modelling previously destroyed or damaged buildings for people to view.


Architecture, Construction, Industrial Design AR/VR

When designing a building, HVAC system, or even creating a product or model, augmented reality can help significantly in the creative and technical process. Augmented reality allows the designing team to visualize rendered versions of their models on-site or anywhere prior to being built.

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