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VizworX creates powerful AR and VR solutions as an immersive technology company. Leverage our expertise as AR and VR company to find the best solution for your business.

Immersive technology is a broad category, covering augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (XR). All three technologies allow users to engage with content in interactive environments. We, as an immersive technology company, empower teams to achieve their business goals by crafting unique experiences through augmented and virtual reality solutions.

What is augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) helps expand our understanding of the physical world by combining 3D models and digital information with reality. By using headsets and mobile applications, augmented reality can situate 3D visuals in the real world. Leverage our knowledge as a AR company to create powerful applications of AR in your business. Custom augmented reality is used in various industries to help visualize data, ease workflows, stage environments and more.

What is virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) involves using technology to simulate a computer-generated environment. Users engaging with virtual reality must wear a compatible headset. VR is often used for entertainment, education and training, but it is not limited to such applications. Every industry can benefit from the application of virtual reality. Let VizworX, a powerful VR company, help establish virtual reality within your business.

How can companies incorporate augmented reality and virtual reality into historical sites, exhibits and museums?

A talented VR and AR company can help improve client and visitor experiences in museums, historical sites and galleries.

What is the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)?

Augmented reality solutions and virtual reality applications both tackle different problems. What immersive technology works best for your company?

Immersive Technolgy Example: VizReality - Cruz Homes

Cruz Custom Homes was in the process of building a new multi-family home and they sought to reenvision the residential real estate process. Traditionally, it can be difficult to sell properties before they are complete. Before building the property, buyers cannot experience firsthand what their new homes will look and feel like.

Working with Cruz Custom Homes, VizworX as a virtual reality (VR) company, helped create a solution that allowed potential buyers to view all aspects of the soon-to-be real estate.

Why Use Immersive Technology?


For Training

Immersive technology is exceptional at training muscle memory. We, as an AR and VR company, can create a near-exact replica of an environment to help users practice specific natural motions, scenarios and more. From complex surgeries to manufacturing, immersive technology (whether augmented, virtual or mixed reality) has the potential to boost the depth and effectiveness of training in many different industries. Trust in VizworX's knowledge and expertise as an immersive technology company to revolutionize your training process.


For Education

Teachers and educators can now take their students anywhere in the world without having to leave the classroom with the power of virtual, augmented or mixed reality. Students can view the architectural styles of demolished historical sites through 3D models of the buildings. Our work as an immersive technology company on #NEWPALMYRA is an example of this exact case, modeling previously destroyed or damaged structures in 3D space.


For Architecture, Construction and Industrial Design

When designing a building or creating a product, augmented, virtual and mixed reality can significantly help the creative and technical process. Augmented reality (AR) companies can help design thinking teams to visualize rendered versions of their models on-site before being built. In our work with EnsureworX Panoptica, users can overlay their 3D job site models before starting the construction process. This helps companies save time and costs by improving the reviewing process.


For Client Product Testing

Augmented and virtual reality allows clients to test products on their terms and in their own spaces before purchasing. This applies to interior design, fashion and more. Custom augmented and virtual reality applications enable clients to make adjustments before they become permanent. Our company believes in what immersive reality can do to revolutionize the customer journey.

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