Using AI to increase drilling operation efficiency.


Trax Electronics

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Artificial Intelligence




April 2019 - July 2019

Running a drill site can be expensive, especially if drilling operations cease. The sheer volume of the data collected on-site can hold millions of different values and take a substantial amount of time to analyze. Because of the distance from the ground level, operators on-site must determine the status of the drill through feel and experience rather than being able to rely on visual cues. All these factors result in setbacks, and it can be challenging to understand what is happening without significant study.

Trax Electronics specializes in machine learning, automation, and digital data monitoring in the oil field. The company wanted to predict whether a drill was rotating, sliding or properly drilling to maximize drill site efficiency. Trax Electronics could determine what happened after a three-day window with their current system. The president of Trax Electronics, Ryan Schmitz, reached out to VizworX for a speedier solution to minimize this waiting period.

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