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January 2018 - Present

Peter Tertzakian is a renowned energy pundit and bestselling author who also happens to have a unique collection of energy objects and ephemera. So when he was developing Energyphile, his new project exploring the past, present and future of energy, he knew he needed an equally unique way to showcase his collection.

Peter recognized that social media connects people with people, allowing them to share their lives and moments. The Internet of Things connects devices with devices, allowing machines to share operational information. What about objects? How could things like art, photographs, museum pieces and even ideas or stories be similarly connected?

Any of the “museums” Peter saw online were simple linear catalogues that listed the records for each artifact. But Peter wanted a more dynamic user interface that would tell stories for each object and show the thematic connections and relationships among all objects, ultimately telling an even bigger story. In short, he wanted a platform that would lead the user down a path of serendipitous discovery of our energy story. PhileSpace is this Internet of Objects and Stories.

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