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January 2022

The agri-food ecosystem within Alberta is tightly connected, but communication can be a challenge due to geographical factors. As innovations and products become increasingly available, it has been harder for these players to connect and receive the right information at the right time.

People are looking for the most relevant and up-to-date information from and about Alberta's agri-food industry. Currently, this involves accessing and scanning every appropriate resource at their disposal across multiple platforms. We hypothesize that an advanced digital tool focused on the agri-food industry is desirable. A tool that can assemble basic information about the agri-food ecosystem with advanced technology capabilities: capabilities would include artificial intelligence (AI), geospatial data mapping, customer visualization solutions and more.

AgriFood IMPACT retained VizworX to complete a ‘discovery-phase’ analysis. The analysis tests the hypothesis for a ‘digital Wayfinder tool,’ determines the desired and needed features for the tool, and identifies existing technology that could provide those features. Furthermore, a gap analysis will happen between the requested features and the existing technologies.

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