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Laneway Homes


Canada’s population is aging, presenting new obstacles for the housing market. How can the government best assist seniors, while still allowing seniors the agency of living in their own personal space? The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (now the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape) wanted to try to address this new challenge by creating a Laneway home with the latest technology. Laneway homes typically reside as a guest house or detached home on the property of another building. 

The university approached VizworX to help develop a system to help monitor and display data generated by the Age-In-Place Laneway Home Project while still maintaining a level of privacy.


VizworX helped to set up a sensor system that worked to monitor how the home is being used. These devices helped to show what rooms were occupied, how much water and electricity was being used, which furniture was being used, and sent alerts if anything was amiss. VizworX  then developed a visualization dashboard to display this information. The dashboard supported alerts as well as both a 24 hour and monthly view. All devices were synced to a server on site.


By using modern monitoring tools, seniors can continue to live safely in their own spaces as they age.

Dashboard for laneway home monitoring for seniors