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Experience your data sets in profound ways.

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Why Data Visualization

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Engagement • Integration • Accessibility

VizworX works with data rich organizations to put their information to work for them. We transform complex data into custom designed interactive visualizations and user interfaces to improve strategic planning, decision-making, and communication capabilities. This helps your team and clients understand the significance of data by adding visual context. In addition, data visualization aids in recognizing patterns, trends, and points-of-interest that can easily be overlooked in text-based data.

Our Process

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Initial data is collected from customers. This is often in the form of a detailed Excel sheet, or other organized data structure.

Data is interpreted by our software, and organized into a clearer structure. Duplicate data is deleted, as well as a variety of other cleanup techniques.

Design decisions are made and carried out. Graphics are created, and the necessary back end integration and animations are implemented.

Final decisions are made regarding the visualization. The client is brought in and asked for final feedback to ensure that the product is as they imagined. Final tweaks are executed.



Data Accessibility

Instead of endless rows of data and csv files, filter and view data visually. Intuitively interact with your data in a way that reduces cognitive load.

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Decision Making Support

Gain unique insights and look at the data with a new perspective. Viewing data in a consumer friendly way enables enhanced decision making.

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Public Engagement

Provide the public with data that highlight the facts. Users can consume information in an easy to understand format communicated effectively to avoid miscommunication.

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Understanding Complex Data

Displaying data in a way that allows everyone, not just data analysts understand what is being presented.

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