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Heavy Industries

Heavy Industries VizworX Inc. Challenge Clients were limited to seeing the initial designs of the “Yorkville Corner” and “Spiral” art installations for Mattamy Homes on a 2D screen. Trying to visualize a 3D render or even a 3D model does not give you the true spatial sense of what you’re looking at. Visualizing the scale...
Panoptica logo

Panoptica: Worley

Worley Challenge Design reviews often involve people in a boardroom looking at a 3D rendering of the design on a 2D screen. Teams review the proposed design looking for flaws but too often errors still make it into production. VizworX client, Worley, recognized that errors are less expensive to fix in the design phase than...
Vizreality logo

VizReality: Cruz Homes

Cruz Custom Homes VizworX Inc. Problem  Traditional ways of selling residential real estate has its challenges, particularly when you are selling homes that do not yet exist.  Apart from building a spec home the developer does not have a way to allow the purchaser to experience what their potential new home will feel like. With...
Panoptica logo


Panoptica Ensureworx -Calgary, AB What is Panoptica? Panoptica is an Augmented Reality (AR) model review application that leverages augmented reality to allow users to walk through and view any kind of 3D model in full one to one scale. This application loads 3D models from your desktop and displays them on the Microsoft Hololens and...
New Palmyra logo

#NewPalmyra Community Story

#NewPalmyra Community Story What is #NewPalmyra? During the Syrian conflict, the magnificent archaeological monuments of Palmyra, an important historical and cultural site for the people of Syria, were damaged or destroyed. In an effort to reconstruct what has been destroyed and conserve what is left, the volunteers of the #NewPalmyra project are rebuilding this city’s...

Artificial Intelligence

trax logo
InArtificial Intelligence

Trax Electronics

Trax Electronics Challenge Running a drill site can be an expensive venture, especially in the event that drilling operations cease. The sheer volume of the data collected on site can hold millions of different values and can take a substantial amount of time to analyze. Because of the distance from the ground level, operators on...
TerraHub Logo
InArtificial Intelligence


TerraHub Challenge The needs of the oil and gas industry are constantly changing. As technology moves forward, so do the needs of employees, businesses and other stakeholders. TerraHub approached VizworX seeking to revamp their e-commerce tool. The existing tool functioned similarly to other consumer-to-consumer based online marketplaces, but lacked a recommendation system. TerraHub wanted customers...

Data Visualization

IMA logo
InData Visualization

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus Challenge Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy (IMA) is a Calgary-based company that leverages modern technology for rapid processing and map production. IMA sought VizworX’s assistance in bringing their data into the cloud, as their current application suite was not compatible. In addition to assisting the company move to the cloud,...
Aurora visualization screenshot
InData Visualization

University of Calgary Aurora Research Group

University of Calgary Aurora Research Group Challenge The University of Calgary physics research department was looking for a way to gain more meaningful insights faster from their data they were collecting on the Aurora Borealis. Due to having multiple data sources, they were combing through giant spreadsheets to look for patterns and specific areas of...
u of c logo
InData Visualization

Laneway Homes

Laneway Homes Challenge Canada’s population is aging, presenting new obstacles for the housing market. How can the government best assist seniors, while still allowing seniors the agency of living in their own personal space? The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (now the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape) wanted to try to address...
MIT logo
InData Visualization

Morphometrix Imaging Technologies

Morphometrix Imaging Technologies Problem Morphometrix Imaging Technologies was looking for a way to have their clients utilize and understand the results from their tool which converts an equine ultrasound to a 3D object and provides additional analysis on the results. They needed to make it easy for technicians to use, keep track of information and...
Energyphile logo
InData Visualization


  Energyphile VizworX Inc. Challenge  Peter Tertzakian is a renowned energy pundit and bestselling author, who also happens to have a unique collection of energy objects and ephemera. So when he was developing Energyphile, his new project exploring the past, present and future of energy, he knew he needed an equally unique way to showcase…
CER logo
InData Visualization

Canadian Energy Regulator Data Visualization Project

Canadian Energy Regulator Data Visualization Project VizworX Inc. OPPORTUNITY Canada’s Energy Regulator (CER) is a department of the Canadian government with a mandate to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade across Canada in pursuit of a sustainable energy future. Their decisions factor in economic, environmental and social considerations in all of our lives. An additional...

Web and Mobile Applications

Jobbsite logo
InWeb & Mobile App Development

Jobbsite: Triquest

Jobbsite: Triquest Challenge Triquest Service Ltd., a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company, was looking to update their job management software. Their existing system was no longer meeting their needs and was slowly becoming obsolete. The company largely worked with contractors and wanted to be able to calculate the cost of jobs on the...
Hone logo
InWeb & Mobile App Development

Hone Virtual Education

Hone Virtual Education Challenge Diagnostic errors can lead to dangerous consequences and delays in treatment. Proper diagnosis can be especially vital in situations involving respiratory distress. Hone Virtual Education aims to help reduce diagnostic errors made in the health field. Their goal is to help train practitioners for a variety of situations; Hone wants to...
TSAG logo
InWeb & Mobile App Development

My Mobile Community

My Mobile Community Challenge As a means of helping address the needs of First Nations communities, the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG) visits different areas and collects various information about infrastructure and utility availability.  In order to collect and report these details, TSAG wanted to improve upon their data collection. The existing application...

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