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Business Solutions

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Visualize data in near real-time to allow mistakes to be caught before or during construction to reduce rework cost.

VR workplace environment

Improved Facility Design

Show potential customers modules and provide a 1:1 view of the model without actually taking them into the field. This allows mistakes to be caught before construction has even began.

National Energy Board visualization

Understanding Complex Data

Although it may be simple for data analysts to interpret excel sheets of data, this cannot be said for the general public. At VizworX, we work to present data in a way that is easy to interact with, easy to understand, and easy to access.

Construction site

Site Safety and Security

Use facial and object recognition/analysis to increase site safety and security. Easily identify if employees are using the appropriate equipment and if the right people are onsite.


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Discovery and Design Thinking Workshops

It’s important to understand the full breadth of a project before it begins. During the discovery process, our teams researches and gathers information in order to advise and come up with the best possible solution. At the end of this discovery process, we will provide you with a detailed outline of our research, explanation of our recommendations and the alternatives, risks, and timelines for each of the project deliverables.

As part of our business analysis consulting, VizworX offers design thinking workshops as part of the discovery process. Design thinking workshops help by giving individuals and companies the tool to identify and focus on solving the right problem. This hands-on, activity-based approach allows for participants to find new, innovative, user-designed solutions.

Person staring at an idea board

Our Process

Initial Meeting

To kick things off, we start with an initial meeting to discuss the task at hand. It’s extremely important to understand what the client needs before we work towards creating a solution.

Discovery Process

The project discovery is a process of gathering detailed information about a project. This process consists of a review of the requested project functionality and requirements, and the potential combinations of technology that may be used to meet those goals. During this period, we will evaluate multiple solutions and generate a breakdown of our recommended development steps and potentially alternative implementations with their risks and benefits. 

Development and Prototyping

Our team uses Agile software development, a development strategy focused on engaging clients during the creation process. We will create weekly iterations of the project and continuously ask for feedback to create a solution that is completely tailored to customer needs.

Deployment, Support and Project Delivery

After the solution has been fully refined and perfected, our highly trained team will assist in deployment. This could include web integration, digital releases, or physical demonstrations of equipment.

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