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About These Technologies

Outside view of someone using virtual realityPerson using VR

Virtual Reality

Users are completely immersed in a virtual world. This usually means wearing a full head set, and holding a set of controllers. When using virtual reality, one is not able to see the world around them, instead only seeing the virtually created environment.

Office spaceAugmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The real world is changed and augmented through the overlay of holographic images. Through the use of goggle-type headsets or mobile applications, users are able to still fully see the real world, while also being able to see 3D models.

Why This Technology

Two people sitting in a VR environment

Immersion • Visualization • Communication

VizworX exults for being the bridge between the future of what-could-be and the past of what-we’re-used-to. Immersive technologies enables us to bring your designs, models, ideas, and data to 3D fruition. Depending on which type of immersive technology we utilize, we are able to impose a 3D model in reality or fully immerse the user into a virtual world. Beyond being the forefront of visualization, immersive technologies facilitates the presentation of your product in a deeply engaging multi sensory digital experience for your team, and your client. This promotes a cohesive environment to promote growth and communication between all members involved, which translates into business growth.

Our highly experienced developers will work closely with your team and develop, design, and implement an immersive and interactive custom solution suitable for your project/company. We work with partners from a wide range of industries including Energy, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction Workforce Productivity, Architecture and Construction.


Panoptica demo

3D Models and Designs

Cut costs, not corners. View 3D Models in a 1:1 scale before any production or construction. Create a collaborative environment to immerse your team into a virtual version of your design. Space is not an issue with VR, or use AR to for a dynamic group viewing.

Facility in VR

Product Testing For Clients

Go above and beyond by letting your client test your product in their space. Use VR to virtually copy your clients space and insert virtual products to show your client the vision. Make adjustments before they become permanent.

Gas station

Adding Geographically Anchored Information

Mistakes happen, though some have a larger impact than others. By using AR or MR to add geographically anchored information, lessen those mistakes by being able to see what is hidden from the naked eye. Avoid pipelines when drilling, see geographical hazard zones, restricted areas, active lines, and more.



Provide on-site training in your office. The ability to mimic real-world scenarios makes training easy and personalized. Immersive technologies provide an immersive environment that makes training intuitive and interactive.

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