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VizReality: Cruz Homes

Cruz Custom Homes

VizworX Inc.


Traditional ways of selling residential real estate has its challenges, particularly when you are selling homes that do not yet exist.  Apart from building a spec home the developer does not have a way to allow the purchaser to experience what their potential new home will feel like. With residential homes being such an emotional and large purchase this is a barrier that prohibits prospective buyers from making a decision to move forward. 

VizworX client, Cruz Custom Homes, was in the process of building a new multi-family development Bridgeland area of Calgary. They were exploring unique ways to show and pre-sell their upcoming units.  Cruz wanted to step away from the traditional approach to sales and marketing of residential homes, and instead create an experience of their development for their perspective buyers.


VizworX created a lifelike virtual reality (VR) experience for potential buyers to view all aspects of the soon to be available home. Alvaro was provided with a VR application that can be used in a headset for the most immersive experience.  The virtual environment can also be viewed on a screen for broader audience. For an even broader use VizworX also provided a 360 video for use on web & mobile devices, to be used as follow-up sales and marketing collateral. 

The application itself included various features.  The prospect was able to see the unit with different lighting conditions, move through different areas of the home, and interact with elements of the home. VizworX included lifelike detail in the experience such as reflections on glasslike surfaces and shadows to give a realistic feeling of being in the home, all before ever hitting the construction phase of the project.


Using this tool Cruz was able to incorporate the VR experience into their sales process for an enhanced customer experience, allowing them to interact with their potential new home as though it had already been built.  Furthermore, our client was provided 360 ̊ videos that they were able to use on their website as well as post sales meeting material to send the client afterwards. This is a powerful use of virtual reality to create an experiential sales process and provide prospects with takeaway material that they can then show their family and friends to spread the word. 

360 ̊ videos of the Cruz Homes Condos

Click and drag in the video to explore the condo

Main Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Branding can also be integrated into the application. Check out the Cruz brochure on the first floor!


  • Desktop App
    • The experience can be controlled outside VR using the desktop app. The app also shows what the user in VR is currently seeing.
  • Material Themes
    • Different colour and material themes can be toggled and explored in VR.
  • Points of Interest
    • Points of interest, or Spots, are predefined locations that can be teleported to at any time using the desktop app. They enable instant, easy access to notable parts of the scene.
  • Free Teleport
    • When turned on, the user can explore the loaded scene on their own accord using their controllers.
  • Interactable Objects
    • Some objects in the scene can be picked up and thrown for added immersion.