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Panoptica: Worley



Design reviews often involve people in a boardroom looking at a 3D rendering of the design on a 2D screen. Teams review the proposed design looking for flaws but too often errors still make it into production. VizworX client, Worley, recognized that errors are less expensive to fix in the design phase than when they hit construction, so they sought a means to improve their design review process.  The Worley team needed a way to inspect and identify problems & safety concerns on their upcoming projects during the design review phase. They were looking to minimize the number of design errors that make it to the construction phase by improving the design review process.


Ensureworx Panoptica is a collaborative AR environment that allows multiple users to view, manipulate, and interact with a single model at the same time. By using the power of Panoptica, operators, safety inspectors, and other personnel are able to tour a to-scale 3D model together, therefore experiencing a realistic site visit prior to breaking ground in the  construction phase. Panoptica allows for increased engagement and overall improvement of the design review process. Worley was provided with an augmented reality application which can be controlled using mobile devices as well as a desktop suite. Worley staff were able to engage with the 3D models using natural human interactions during an engineering design review meeting as if the models were physically present.


Using this tool, operators, trainers and safety inspectors were able to identify significantly more flaws and potential safety concerns with the design using this technology compared to viewing it on a 2D display. This led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings just in material costs as well as less time fixing errors. Visit Panoptica by Ensureworx Here: