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Heavy Industries

Heavy Industries

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Clients were limited to seeing the initial designs of the “Yorkville Corner” and “Spiral” art installations for Mattamy Homes on a 2D screen. Trying to visualize a 3D render or even a 3D model does not give you the true spatial sense of what you’re looking at. Visualizing the scale and actual experiential qualities of these installations was an issue Heavy Industries wanted to address, as the main idea is the experiential potential of their project. The experiential aspects that were lost through a simple render included the livable experience of how walking through the installation at night would feel and how light from the installation itself would be experienced. Clients also struggled to visualize the actual scale of the installations with renders alone.


VizworX planned to develop a Virtual Reality application that allowed for clients to step into the world of VR with the Oculus Rift to simulate what it would actually be like to walk in and around these art installations. VR would allow people to visualize the scale and how it would look like in the surrounding environment. As a means of addressing these experiential issues, different controllers would be added to the program.


Our VR application provided the full experience by allowing people to virtually walk through the Mattamy Homes community and experience these art installations. The finalized application allowed for users to choose different viewing heights, seasons, weather conditions, and times of the day. These alterable settings allowed clients to see how the light of the installations would be perceived at different times of the day, and how shadows of the structures would be formed as the sun moved through the sky. It also allowed for people to realize the actual scale of the installation and the different ways they would be able to interact with it.


VR application for Heavy Industries