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Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus


Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy (IMA) is a Calgary-based company that leverages modern technology for rapid processing and map production. IMA sought VizworX’s assistance in bringing their data into the cloud, as their current application suite was not compatible. In addition to assisting the company move to the cloud, IMA also sought to further visualize their data in 3D space.


VizworX also helped create a geolocated point cloud visualizer for Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy (IMA). The solution involved creating a point cloud visualization using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) that recognizes pipeline and ditch geometry and automatically calculates the depth. This helps determine pipeline construction in real time. The desktop application works in both 2D and 3D, using different locations and datasets to better visualize relevant information. VizworX also included documentation on setup and the full source code of the project.


The resulting application allows companies to save time and money, empowering construction companies with a preventative tool. LIDAR visualization works to help companies dig smarter and allows them to see potential issues before they start a project. This helps save companies time and money, You can learn more about Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy here.