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Energyphile Inc., led by Peter Tertzakian, who is a world renowned economist and author, were looking for a way to show his collection of energy artifacts with a wider audience. To showcase his collection is a museum esque fashion, each artifact is represented as a vignette with associated stories attached to it. In addition to every item within the collection having a description, certain pieces were connected in different ways. The Energyphile team was looking for a way to have users view the story the collection showed in whatever way they wished by exploring different pieces.


VizworX worked closely with Energyphile to create a system which has its own unique identification and naming conventions. This system allowed for the proper relationships to be intact through the use of categorization and tagging. From this backend, our team came up with a web-based visualization which displays all the available vignettes, where users could click on these vignettes to read its description and view the associated stories that went along with it. Additionally, similar artifacts in Energyphile’s collection appear for users to explore afterward. Users are able to sort the vignettes by timeline, search for keywords and see the categorized vignettes. The ease of use of the application allows users to explore vignettes in any order they want, discovering the story as they go. Users establish connections to different pieces and in the future, will be able to view them later in their own saved collections.