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Category: Data Visualization

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Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy and LuxModus Challenge Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy (IMA) is a Calgary-based company that leverages modern technology for rapid processing and map production. IMA sought VizworX’s assistance in bringing their data into the cloud, as their current application suite was not compatible. In addition to assisting the company move to the cloud,...
Auroral Imaging Group Data visualization
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University of Calgary Aurora Research Group

University of Calgary Aurora Research Group Challenge The University of Calgary physics research department was looking for a way to gain more meaningful insights faster from their data they were collecting on the Aurora Borealis. Due to having multiple data sources, they were combing through giant spreadsheets to look for patterns and specific areas of...
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Laneway Homes

Laneway Homes Challenge Canada’s population is aging, presenting new obstacles for the housing market. How can the government best assist seniors, while still allowing seniors the agency of living in their own personal space? The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (now the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape) wanted to try to address...
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Morphometrix Imaging Technologies

Morphometrix Imaging Technologies Problem Morphometrix Imaging Technologies was looking for a way to have their clients utilize and understand the results from their tool which converts an equine ultrasound to a 3D object and provides additional analysis on the results. They needed to make it easy for technicians to use, keep track of information and...
Energyphile Data Visualization
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Energyphile VizworX Inc. Challenge  Peter Tertzakian is a renowned energy pundit and bestselling author, who also happens to have a unique collection of energy objects and ephemera. So when he was developing Energyphile, his new project exploring the past, present and future of energy, he knew he needed an equally unique way to showcase his…
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Canadian Energy Regulator Data Visualization Project

Canadian Energy Regulator Data Visualization Project VizworX Inc. OPPORTUNITY Canada’s Energy Regulator (CER) is a department of the Canadian government with a mandate to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade across Canada in pursuit of a sustainable energy future. Their decisions factor in economic, environmental and social considerations in all of our lives. An additional...