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Jobbsite: Triquest

Jobbsite: Triquest Challenge Triquest Service Ltd., a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company, was looking to update their job management software. Their existing system was no longer meeting their needs and was slowly becoming obsolete. The company largely worked with contractors and wanted to be able to calculate the cost of jobs on the...
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Hone Virtual Education

Hone Virtual Education Challenge Diagnostic errors can lead to dangerous consequences and delays in treatment. Proper diagnosis can be especially vital in situations involving respiratory distress. Hone Virtual Education aims to help reduce diagnostic errors made in the health field. Their goal is to help train practitioners for a variety of situations; Hone wants to...
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My Mobile Community

My Mobile Community Challenge As a means of helping address the needs of First Nations communities, the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG) visits different areas and collects various information about infrastructure and utility availability.  In order to collect and report these details, TSAG wanted to improve upon their data collection. The existing application...