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VizworX Inc. -Calgary, AB

Instructions for creating new job posting:

  1. Duplicate this page (Hover over “Post Template” and press “Duplicate This”
  2. Change post title to the job title
  3. Copy content from indeed posting
  4. Paste content in this box
  5. press “Save Changes”
  6. Scroll to button and click on the small pencil that pops up
  7. Click “Select URL”
  8. Copy page URL from Indeed
  9. Paste URL
  10. Click “Save changes”
  11. Click “Publish”

Instructions for adding Featured Image:

  1. Click the “Set featured image” under “Featured Image” in the bottom right
  2. Select “Upload Files”
  3. Upload desired image. For free, royalty-free images I recommend (
  4. Select “Set featured image”
  5. Press “Publish”

Instructions for adding new posting to Careers page:

  1. Under “Pages” select “Careers”
  2. Scroll down until you see “Blog Grid” (underneath “Postings”)
  3. Click on the pencil that pops up
  4. Select “Query Builder”
  5. Under “Posts to retrieve” enter the Job title (It should pop up-click it when it does)
  6. Select “Save changes”
  7. Select “Publish”

Nice! The job has been posted!