Setting Yourself up for Success in Remote Work

Cindy Baker

Kaitlin de Chastelain Finnigan

Jul 28, 2020 · 2 min read

Throughout the four months in our new normal of remote, there are a few things we’ve learned to help keep us on track.

1. Set Up a Schedule

With the office no longer being outside it can be easy to let things become more fluid. However, setting up a schedule and maintaining a routine will set you up for success. Similar to having your in-office work routine, applying the same principles to your at-home life can help you remain on top of your work. Set up those times where you are in “office mode” and be in your working state of mind.

2. Get your Environment Work-Ready

Whether it be your kitchen table, the desk in your bedroom or a separate office, set up a space where you know this is where you work and can settle into the work headspace. This can look different for people depending on their situation, it could be setting up your laptop and headphones on your kitchen table, or repurposing unused space for a makeshift office. Some of our coworkers have shared their spaces to give you some inspiration.

3. Check-in with Teammates

Set up virtual meetings or check-ins with your team to remain accountable. Our teams have found it’s worked well to meet on slack in the morning and discuss the goals for the day and what we need from others. This way we remain accountable for our schedule and the tasks we are assigned.

4. Dress to Impress

Clothing can have a major impact on our outlook and approach to what we have to do. As part of a routine, you get ready and set for work. And as our Sales Manager says: “You never know when you’ll have an impromptu video meeting!”

5. Break up Your Day

When you work outside your home there is time that you take in your day to get to the office but when at home there’s no time needed for commuting. In order to find some normalcy be sure to take small breaks as you need to maintain productivity.

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