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Reimagining Historical Sites with Mixed Reality

Bring History to Life and Engage New Audiences

Cindy Baker

Carter Yont

Jul 22, 2021 · 3 min read

Modern museums require modern technology. Are you thinking about how you can use technology at your institution? Many museums and historic sites are incorporating immersive technology into their exhibits and locations to bring their displays to life and engage their audiences in new and exciting ways.

Check out the examples of this technology use below.

Augmented reality was paramount in bringing the historical Donuimun Gate back to its original glory. The Donuimun Gate is one of the Four Great Gates located in Seoul, South Korea. The original gate was destroyed in 1915 in the Japanese colonial period. Cheil Worldwide was monumental in this restoration effort.

You can also walk through the gate and fully immerse yourself in the experience with a separate virtual reality application.

Microsoft worked with the Kyoto National Museum to bring the art of the oldest Zen temple, Kennin-ji, to life. Launched by Tokyo-based hakuhodo-VRAR, the exhibit transforms stationary artworks into living pieces. The exhibition is complete with a Buddist monk tour guide presented in mixed reality.

During the Syrian conflict, Palmyra’s monuments were destroyed. As a means of conservation and restoration, the volunteers of the #NewPalmyra project are rebuilding this city’s history in an online database by using crowdsourced photos to help construct 3D models of Palmyra’s monuments.

VizworX worked with the #NEWPALMYRA team to create an AR application that allows users to experience the structures in Palmyra once again. Users can engage with the models in real, true-to-life scale, from the comfort of their own home.

On the virtual reality side of things, the Open Heritage project aims to digitally preserve the wonders of the world. This collaboration between Google and CyArk focuses on 3D data cultural heritage sites on a global scale.

This open-access library allows people all over the world to experience our shared global heritage. With multiple organizations joining the initiative, over 200 datasets have been added to the Open Heritage project. Since then other organizations have joined the initiative, contributing over 200 datasets and we invite others to join the Open Heritage 3D project and contribute their datasets to this growing library of data.

Curious how you can implement virtual or augmented reality into your museum or historic site? Get in touch with our team at VizworX! We can help you discover new ways to incorporate immersive technology into your project.

VizworX is a custom software development company based in Calgary, Alberta. We leverage our experience in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality applications, and data visualizations to create powerful enterprise solutions.

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