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VizworX launches new breakout company

Cindy Baker

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Sep 1, 2020 · 2 min read

CALGARY, ALBERTA (September 1, 2020) – VizworX is excited to announce the launch of EnsureworX, a breakout company focused on the sales of their latest product, Panoptica.

Panoptica is an innovative 3D model review solution that leverages mixed reality. Available on the Microsoft Hololens, iPad Pro, virtual reality, and most web browsers, Panoptica is a cross-device collaboration tool. Building Information Modelling (BIM) data is automatically imported directly into the review, allowing participants to utilize their existing tools and knowledge. Panoptica allows for cross-continent collaboration. The product can be used anywhere in the world, at any time. Panoptica drives improvements to model review outcomes, including construction rework and timeline reductions. For more information about Panoptica and its applications, please visit

New CEO of EnsureworX, Dustin Wilkes, is experienced and passionate about tech startups and brings a wealth of experience from the engineering, oil and gas, and data visualization industries. Wilkes serves on a number of boards and his engineering background is a major asset to the nature of Panoptica. Charles Edmonds is taking on the role of CRO (Chief Revenue Officer). Edmonds brings over 20 years of experience in sales executive leadership and is skilled in driving revenue growth and implementing sales strategies.

VizworX is a custom software company that focuses on addressing client-directed business needs through immersive technology, artificial intelligence, data visualization services and development. By working alongside their clients, VizworX strives to help customers better engage with their data and make informed decisions. Spun out of two research labs at the University of Calgary in 2012, VizworX thrives on advanced technology. To learn more about VizworX and custom software development services, please visit

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