Model Reviews in a Post-COVID Era

Cindy Baker

Carter Yont

Jul 28, 2020 · 2 min read

COVID-19 presents new challenges and obstacles, causing rapid changes in a variety of industries as the different sectors try to adapt. The construction industry is no exception. Construction remains one of the most vital industries during the global pandemic. The need for infrastructure only increases as companies and individuals restructure their daily operations around remote work, social distancing and reduced contact.

Introducing Panoptica, a model review solution from VizworX, Inc. Panoptica contains a powerful suite of tools that leverage mixed reality. Teams that are disconnected and dispersed can collaborate digitally as they view models in a true 1:1 scale.

Panoptica works by situating the model in 3D space, allowing the user to interact with the model as if it was already fully constructed. This allows for users to fully engage with the model from a variety of angles.

By identifying design errors earlier in the construction process, companies will be able to maximize their returns and increase their opportunities to generate alpha. Panoptica further reduces the need for travel by allowing users to engage with complex models in the comfort of their home or personal office. By minimizing risk in the design process, Panoptica builds better structures at a lower cost.

Panoptica helps provide a solid foundational tool for companies amidst the COVID-19 crisis. While disruptive, the pandemic allows users to reassess parts of the construction process and implement new technologies. Panoptica can help address a number of issues and gaps highlighted by the current predicament.

Panoptica allows the construction industry to reinvent and adapt the model review process to fit our post-COVID world. By embracing the remote capabilities and augmented reality, Panoptica aims to elevate the sector in a time where it is needed the most.

Trust an expert AR company or VR company to deliver powerful custom software development services. Get in touch with our team at VizworX to learn more. You can learn more about Panoptica at

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