Remote Work: Interning in a Different Province

Faleesha Li-Paul

Apr 20 · 3 min read

Being a recent graduate doesn’t come without its struggles. This global pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to find entry-level positions. One of the most frustrating problems is when job postings always say you need the experience to get experience. However, the pandemic has opened up opportunities with remote positions. People can work from home while their office is in a completely different province, state or country.

The struggle of finding a job was especially true for me until I applied to be a digital marketing intern at VizworX. I work in Toronto, Ontario, while VizworX is in Calgary, Alberta. Though this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I love working remotely. There is a two-hour time difference between Ontario and Alberta, but this works in my favour since I am quite the night owl.

Integrating myself into their work culture was exceptionally easy given the company's work-life flexibility. Many entry-level positions can make you feel like you’re thrown into the deep end, but I was given ample time to adjust and learn as an intern here. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and communicate about shared interests that are non-work related!

Initially, my biggest fear when applying for remote positions as one of my first big girl jobs is not experiencing company culture, interaction, and mentoring. I always fantasized about going on lunch breaks or having random coffee chats with coworkers. Though that is not possible right now, to my surprise, VizworX is great at creating spaces where all of this is possible somehow, such as monthly get-to-know meetings about anything non-work-related, slack channels, weekly gaming, and more. Everyone is personable and approachable. I even learned more about UX/UI design through the mentorship of our designer.

In terms of my work, I love working with the marketing team. I feel very well utilized but not overworked while still being mentored by my team lead on anything outside my scope of knowledge. Utilizing my abilities while having room to grow is my number one requirement when part of any team inside or outside of work. I especially admire that everyone at this company loves what they do, and I’m always encouraged to communicate how I feel.

Some companies don’t have wellness programs, which is necessary, especially with this active pandemic! A robust mental health program amongst works (and in general) is vital since I come from a psychology background.

Overall, I value all I have learned during my internship, and I hope to use this knowledge to continue growing and working from a different province isn't all that bad.

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