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The needs of the oil and gas industry are constantly changing. As technology moves forward, so do the needs of employees, businesses and other stakeholders.

TerraHub approached VizworX seeking to revamp their e-commerce tool. The existing tool functioned similarly to other consumer-to-consumer based online marketplaces, but lacked a recommendation system. TerraHub wanted customers to be able to order things they might have missed, such a particular fitting or pipe combination. The solution would need to incorporate the existing information to enhance the customer experience.


Vizworx created a prototype for TerraHub to improve their customer’s experience.The new system accounted for spelling errors and any overlap found in suggested products. It also provided specific recommendations based on TerraHub’s needs.


The resulting prototype was a simple but effective marketplace akin to large scale shopping websites. With its recommendation system and improved search, TerraHub could further attract potential customers and investors.

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