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As a means of helping address the needs of First Nations communities, the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG) visits different areas and collects various information about infrastructure and utility availability. 

In order to collect and report these details, TSAG wanted to improve upon their data collection. The existing application TSAG was using was an out of the box solution and it didn’t quite address their specific needs. It also used a non-standard and outdated file format and was only available on Android.


VizworX developed a mobile application for major platforms. The finalized applications work in areas with limited wifi, helping to meet TSAG’s remote work needs. Both apps feature dynamic forms that change depending on input and the needs of the user. The data collected can be optimized for the task at hand. The apps can also map the data to show locations that are specifically affected by different issues.


The My Mobile Community application is a custom solution that tackle TSAG’s unique requisites. You can download the app from both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

TSAG screenshot
Mobile screenshot
TSAG screencap
Mobile screencap