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Jobbsite: Triquest


Triquest Service Ltd., a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company, was looking to update their job management software. Their existing system was no longer meeting their needs and was slowly becoming obsolete. The company largely worked with contractors and wanted to be able to calculate the cost of jobs on the go, as the project progressed or immediately after it finished. 


Working with Triquest, VizworX worked to develop Jobbsite for invoicing on the go. Jobbsite is both mobile friendly and cloud-based, making the software accessible on any device. The product works as a timesheet code system, with the ability to generate invoices and add items, materials, and purchase orders. With a robust inventory management system, Jobbsite is able to create accurate reports on job costs.


Jobbsite became one of VizworX’s first projects and the resulting product helped to elevate Triquest’s workflow. The product continues to be used both at Triquest and internally at VizworX for purchasing.

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