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Hone Virtual Education


Diagnostic errors can lead to dangerous consequences and delays in treatment. Proper diagnosis can be especially vital in situations involving respiratory distress. Hone Virtual Education aims to help reduce diagnostic errors made in the health field. Their goal is to help train practitioners for a variety of situations; Hone wants to help practitioners be at their peak. The company focuses on aiding  individuals in high-pressure situations using high tech solutions.


Vizworx created an app prototype for Hone Virtual Education that used several 3D models in augmented reality to simulate a respiratory distress situation. Users walk around the models and view them from various angles before taking a quiz at the end. The prototype aims to put as much stress on the user as possible in order to further replicate a real life experience.


The resulting prototype allowed Hone Virtual Education to further address the needs of health practitioners. By utilizing a mobile app, Hone can help train individuals across Alberta, Canada, and the world.

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