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Solve problems with the use of AI and machine learning.

What Is This Technology

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a blanket term that covers a wide range of algorithms, systems and processes. What binds these together is the end goal; to create a “thinking machine”. Though the connotation of the word can be muddled, the goal has evolved from trying to create a machine that IS human, to a machine that can imitate human intelligence therefore becoming human-like.


Machine Learning

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Machine learning can be broken down further into types; deep learning, and predictive analysis (unsupervised and supervised learning). Overall it is the process of mimicking the way the human-mind makes decisions.

Computer Vision

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Computer vision utilizes cameras and sensors thus granting the computer “sight”. The AI component occurs when it is partnered with analytics to accomplish tasks such as facial recognition, movement tracking, and medical diagnostics.


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Artificial intelligence planning is simply using analytics for optimization. AI planning predominates when the following goals are desired; explainability, rapid results, and solutions requiring consistent tweaks/problem changes frequently.

Why This Technology

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Data Processing • Analysis • Optimization

Artificial intelligence encompass software solutions such as machine learning, natural language processing, digital vision, planning and robotics. This broad range of artificial intelligence translates to problem specific solutions that are not limited to business categories, or departments at any level. It aids in, but not limited to; automation of operations, data processing, predictive modeling, design analysis, and overall productivity. Artificial intelligence is the pivot to facilitate your business to working smart.


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Facial Recognition

Blending computer vision with other components of AI creates a complex network of possibilities when it comes to facial and/or object recognition.

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Data Management/ Assistance

Add value to your data by utilizing AI to assist with data management. Less is not always more, and more is not always more when it comes to data. AI analytics makes your data work for you.

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Site Security

Security and surveillance used to convey cameras, sensors, and alarms, but modern security and surveillance reaches into the cyber realm more often than not.


Business Optimization

Make AI work for you by utilizing analytics to optimize your business. Predictive suggestions, risk management, and optimizing workflow is only the start.

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